Product business

Maintenance business

Relying on the service base of Sinopec Yangzi Petrochemical Company, it undertakes the maintenance and overhaul business of chemical enterprises in the "Yangtze River Delta" region, and radiates the maintenance, transportation and overhaul business of various domestic petrochemical chemical equipment.

Manufacturing business

With more than 30 years of scientific and technological accumulation, it has the ability to design and manufacture domestic A1 and A2 pressure vessels and equipment within the scope of the American ASME U stamp.


Engineering business

In accordance with the construction requirements of the standard chemical site, it has stable management and construction resources, and has the second-level qualification for general contracting of chemical and petroleum engineering construction.

Electric instrument business

Yangtze Security has 11 registered security engineers, 58 C-certificate project security management personnel, and 93 security guardians. In addition to meeting the business needs of the company’s Yangzi and Yanba regions, in recent years, we have actively promoted third-party security Management services, with business covering BASF (Shanghai/Nanjing), Shanghai Chemical Park, Taizhou Chemical Park, Taixing Economic Development Zone, Nanjing Chemical Park and other regional parks, gradually becoming one of our company's featured service projects.


Special service

All kinds of supporting equipment are complete, which can provide customers with a package of industrial services such as continuous transmission and opening, pipe bundle internal corrosion protection, and safety valve calibration. It also provides various customers with maintenance and construction safety monitoring and supervision services.


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