Electric instrument business

Electric instrument business


Electric instrument section

It has more than 200 professional equipments such as high-voltage testing, protection adjustment, instrument calibration, and motor transformer maintenance. There are general electrical maintenance equipment such as the high-voltage cable fault tester of the British BICC company, the DC tester of the Austrian Paul company, the German high-voltage bridge, and the Japanese high-voltage test equipment. It has series resonance withstand voltage equipment, 110kV SF6GIS combined electrical equipment SF6 Micro-water and SF6 density relay tester; motor maintenance equipment has winding inter-turn impulse voltage tester, high temperature oven


Service scene


Maintenance and installation of high and low voltage equipment


Electrical cable inspection


Siemens Motor Field Service

Recent performance

In 2015 and 2017, the maintenance and preventive test (transformer, cable) of the 110kV system of the Yangzi Oil Refinery Center, and the SF6 micro-water test of the 110kVSF6GIS combined switch cabinet, etc.;
★In 2015 and 2017, the 110kV incoming line 717 and 718 of the Yangzi 220kV substation to the oil refining center substation were overhauled, pre-tested, and cross-interconnected system over 4 kilometers long;
★Transformation of 110kV 7#, 8# overhead lines to cables in thermal power plants (AC withstand voltage test of cables);
★The transformation of 44 high-voltage switchgears in the polyethylene 321 substation of the plastics factory, the transformation of 80 high-voltage switchgears in the aromatics plant's P2 total drop of 10kV and 6kV, and the commissioning of the system
★Leasing of maintenance personnel for Yangtze BP power system;
★Having been responsible for the operation duty, maintenance and repair of the 6kV substation and the 20PS substation of the Yangzi Group’s physical installation department;
★All the 35kV/10kV/6KV transformer substations that we undertake in Yangzi Branch will be borne by us;
★ During the construction of the Yanba company, the total construction drop of 2 35kV and the operation and maintenance of the 17 construction box transformers were undertaken by us. Most of the personnel on duty including the power system of the Yanba company rented our electricians 220kV/110KV/ 35kV/6kV).


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